Ercan EThank you to Hasan, who has not compromised on her art and quality for years, thank you.(dişil)rdem

07 Eylül 2022

Ercan Erdem

Hasan Bey is caring and experienced. I am satisfied. Make sure to make an appointment before you go. 5 stars

31 Ağustos 2022

Ali S. Bayraktar

You can come to Hasan Geçer to get a friendly hairdresser service with quality materials from experienced hands. If you want to get a hair service from experienced hands with equipment of good quality and smiling faces, you can come to Hasan Geçer.

31 Ağustos 2022

Emirhan Sezer

I have been a long time customer of Hasan Bey. He is one of the top barbers of İzmir with the importance he gives to his job and his love. I don't think anyone who tries it will regret it.

03 Ağustos 2022

Tolga Has

I brought my foreign friend to Mr. Hasan and he was very satisfied with the result, he definitely wants to come back and have a new hair and beard shave. Waxing is also excellent, skin care. Everything is number 10, prices are reasonable. It is useful to follow Hasan's advice for haircuts.

27 Temmuz 2022

Yasmine Baya

It is a quality, clean and value-for-money business that has manicure, pedicure and waxing services as well as haircuts, with a team that has a command of today's fashion and haircuts.

26 Mayıs 2022

Team Slayer

He is incredibly good, talented and sincere. He cares a lot about his customers. He brought my ruined hair back to life, you can safely put your head in his hands.

29 Aralık 2021

Zoltan Berk Sari

A place that will make you happy with incredibly beautiful haircuts.

15 Şubat 2020

Taylan Yiğit

Successful men's hairdresser who loves her clean, meticulous job

15 Şubat 2020


Outstanding service, excellent art and a friendly, clean environment...

27 Aralık 2019

Ufuk Tezer

Great barber and service. Very successful as a team. It is located on the Cyprus Martyrs Street in Alsancak, where you can find it easily. It is a shop where you can have everything done, including hair, beard cut, skin care, leaving yourself to expert and friendly hands rather than a barber. Internet and hot beverage service makes you not understand how time passes while you are waiting in between and chatting in a warm environment. You must stop by. Gain more of a friend than a barber.

02 Aralık 2018

İlyas Ergel

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